Breaking Genetics

Fitness for the mind and soul


  We are a direct reflection of our very own self-images we have

We are a direct reflection of our very own self-images we have

About Us 

You must first start to repair the real issues within that are stopping you from achieving your health and fitness goals before spending anymore money on another cookie cutter diet plan, fitness program or on supplements. If you have tried everything and still are not getting results desired then you must contact me now. I am dedicated to helping my clients to not only reach their health and fitness goals but surpass them with techniques never used before until now. We all have everything we need within ourselves to start succeeding without the need for expensive cookie cutter diet plans, strenuous fitness programs or supplements to get there. i will work with you one on one to target the very negative habits, eating disorders and negative self-images that are sabotaging your goals. we will then remove these negative thoughts and replace them with the positive thinking that will take you down the road to your own success. You will then gain full access to my two decades of study and personal experience with nutrition, fitness, supplements and research into the minds power over the very body that holds it. i will work with you on a personal diet plan and fitness program that will be sustainable. there are no cookie cutter plans here! I will never take your information, put you on a treadmill until you are ready to puke and then starve you expecting you to sustain this madness for a lifetime! 


Breaking Genetics

Revolutionizing the health and fitness industry

my clients achieve healthy lifestyles through positive thinking and a positive self-image. Let me show you how I can put you on the same path to a healthy life!

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Each client can either choose from a 30 day program that will include one on one consulting on getting to the core of the actual habits, eating disorders and or negative self-image that are keeping you from the goals desired. We will work together on a daily basis or as needed by client to start using my techniques and remove these negative thoughts. I will show you several exercises you can use daily to become more positive and start to build positive eating habits, eating disorders and a positive self-image. This must be done before moving onto anything about diets, fitness or supplements! This takes time and must be done with certain techniques that I will outline in very simple steps so that you can start the healing process as quickly as possible. Once you are no longer feeling anxiety, depression or stress then you will be ready for the next step.


Fitness For The Mind And Soul Programs:

$149.95 — 30 Day              $249.95 — 60 Day            $399.95 — 90 Day

Read above information for programs and what to expect with each. Please contact me with any questions.




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Healing Comes From Within

Health, fitness and healing comes from the very way we think then how those thoughts make us feel.

The 60 day program will include everything in my previous 30 day program then additionally you will gain access to my two decades of experience in nutrition, fitness and supplementation for even better results. We will work together on a one on one basis to build a diet and fitness plan that will work for you personally and be sustainable. I do not make things complicated as like many plans will be and I will make it a simple plan that anyone can follow and afford. The last but not least at all is my 90 day program. This will include all from the previous programs and will also include techniques I myself have used to bring more success into my life with relationships with others, love, business and financial success. I am using these same exercises and techniques with all clients that i consult with and have huge success rates. Battling these habits, life stresses, anxieties, health concerns, negative self-images, relationships issues and the list goes on all the way to financial success the old ways we have been treating them. These ways are not as effective or as quick at repairing these ailments as positive thoughts. Our negative thoughts we think on a regular basis that are only bringing more negativity into our lives. This is all being proven today more and more with science and the study of epigenetics. 


Ongoing Rates  6mth Minimum:

$135.95 — each month for 6mths
$399.95 — 3mth paid upfront
$690.95 — 6mth paid upfront

These are for anyone wanting to take it to the next level and perfect these techniques and exercises in a way that it will make you question everything you thought you knew!

Any of the programs can be updated to additional months for discounted rates if you choose.