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I have battled with many of the very same issues my clients are battling with when they first contact me and know first hand what its like to not feel comfortable in my own body. I understand the feeling you get when you look into the mirror and are not happy with that image looking back. I have been down the same road and finally had enough. I have studied and researched nutrition, fitness and supplements for two decades now. I can say i have tried everything out there and if you are not seeing the results you are desiring from any of the diet plans, fitness programs and or supplements taken then I am here to tell you your not at all alone. There are millions battling the same viscous cycles you are. I am here to tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can show it to you. I will show you why many will never get the results desired from any diet plan, fitness program or supplements taken. I will outline the very same and completely new way to approach your health and fitness goals that no one is telling you about until now. Many if not all of you have been trying to reach your goals in the wrong way and must learn this never explained information before spending another penny on another over priced diet plan or fitness program. You must realize what you have been trying over and over is not giving you the outcome wanted so you have to change the way your going after them. I have researched a new and better way millions like myself will have to learn before they will ever see the health and fitness results they deserve. The research into the human brain and why millions of people have and will keep sabotaging their very own wants and needs over and over again. Now with my two decades of experience into nutrition, fitness and supplements along with my research into the human brain. I can remove the very negative habits, eating disorders and negative self-images that plague your success. I will consult with you on a one to one basis ways to become a different person mentally only having the positive habits and self-image to start to reach and then surpass the very goals you thought were out of your grasp.

Breaking Genetics

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Breaking Genetics

Revolutionizing Health and Fitness With Ancient Techniques In Many New Ways.


My programs cost less than what it will cost you for one week of the meal plans that popular diet programs sell, many cookie cutter diet programs, and much less then many fitness trainers that will only starve you and then run you into the ground.


I offer healthy lifestyles through the process of positive thinking and helping you to create the new successful person you are and have always been. My techniques and practices are designed to bring these out of hiding and completely remove the negative habits, eating disorders and self-images that are keeping you from reaching your goals in life.