Terms and Conditions

All of my programs have been designed with my clients well being and success as only my top priority. i have over two decades of research and training in nutrition, fitness and supplementation. I have now over the past 5 years been researching and practicing new thought, laws of attraction and quantum physics so that i may be able to bring these same very beneficial techniques and exercises to as many others as possible. I am only here to provide each and every client of mine with as much information so that he or she can have the unlimited success that these exercises and techniques provide when done in the same manner i outline in each program. these techniques have been proven with science to have an over all better and more positive effect on health and well being than the medications used so widely today. there have been multiple scientific experiments done to prove these statements and can be directed to them if you choose to want some more information. these are ancient practices that i am performing in new ways to best give my clients the success desired in their health, fitness and financial goals. when these are done and taken very seriously outcomes can be more then ever imagined. i will offer my personal contact information to all my clients that are purchasing my programs and will recommend that they are used to the clients best needed way. I do not write these programs ahead of time and i will first after a client decides on which program he or she will want to purchase contact me by email for the first one on one consultation or contact by phone or email if you are undecided which program will be the best suited for the goals desired. I am dedicated to my clients success and make myself available 7 days a week throughout most of each day. in the case i am not available at the moment needed please understand i have several clients and will respond as quickly as possible.in the case you feel that you are not getting out of my program what you need and are following my steps and exercises as i am giving them then i will offer a refund on a prorated amount depending on the subscription you have purchased. each client must complete at the least 30 days of a set program before being able to ask for any type of refund. must also be noted that everyone will have slightly different weight lose effects and timing on how much and how quickly the weight will be lost but if each program is followed the way i outline. then all clients will loose the weight and have better overall effects than imagined. Each clients personal information is completely safe and confidential. all of my clients are kept confidential to everyone else no matter what the situation is and your information is held with the upmost importance when it comes to privacy. we do not share with personal inquires, companies and also do not share with any type of government agency either. 

More Information

None of my programs will follow the traditional consulting type of most if not all others will. traditional consulting and supplementation is becoming more and more a thing of the past as people see the effects of rewiring your mind has over these old ineffective ways. When considering a traditional consultant to help with these negative eating habits, eating disorders and negative self-image issues you will find they will all use techniques that make you talk and discuss these very negative things you are suffering from down to where they came from, why they are being thought and many other negative discussions about them. you will find that they only force you to focus more in depth on the negative sides of these thoughts when in turn this only causes more of the negativity in your life to be thought about even more regularly. this is exactly the opposite of what i do. you need to eliminate these negative thoughts and feelings completely from your mind that are sabotaging your well being and causing you to stay in the hole you find yourself in and unable to get out of. they do not treat the problem but only manifest it in your mind over and over with each visit. you will find yourself only making more and more trips to them as they will never alleviate the issue but in turn keep that dollar rolling in with your each return. my programs are meant to treat and then make you better so that you can move on with your life in a much more successful and meaningful manner. i want to only make you see the new way that your life will be and show you how to always keep yourself on track so that you can move forward and perform these on your own without the need of paying me over and over again. unlike all other programs that are meant to get you and keep you.